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We create Local Food Nodes to facilitate local food producer to build first-hand relationships, directly with end consumers. Both create new ones, as well as strengthen the relationships that already exists. We want to enable direct transactions, resilient communities and collectively regain control over what we eat and how the food is produced. A longing to make food local again.

The result of this longing, is an open digital tool there food producers can present their food, local consumers order what they want and payments go directly from consumer to producer. Deliveries and collection of food take place at a predetermined location and time, this is called a node, this is the physical location where consumers and producers meet. This type of organization makes it possible for producers to deliver to several consumers at the same time while consumers can pick up food from many different producers.

In recent years, we have broadened the platforms functionality to also include mail order, home delivery, farm delivery direct from producer.

Search and find local food and local food producers near you. Book and pay directly to the respective producer, without unnecessary intermediaries.

Welcome to Local Food Nodes, a platform where we create local food systems, together.