Your open source platform for peoples driven local food markets and CSA

Local Food Nodes connects local food producers to local food consumers to empower first hand relations over food. We enable direct transactions, resilient communities and regain control over what we eat and how it is produced. A desire to make food local again.

Local food impact

Local Food Nodes is donation based

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Create an account and start shopping locally

Create a user account for free. Find local farmers and local delivery nodes in your area. Become a supporting member and start to pre-order their produce, first hand.

Become a supporting member to be able to place your first order by donating an annual fee that you decide the size of yourself. Your donation will be invested into development of the platform and any surplus will be invested in projects that help develop local food. No money will hit the pockets of private interests. Not now, not ever.

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Are you a food producer?

Sell your produce directly to end consumers, without intermediaries. Deliver to the local delivery spots that suits you best. Manage your orders and get paid in the ways that suits you best, without loss of revenue, and start building relationships first hand with your customers.

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Did you not find a delivery location close to you?

Want to see local food prosper where you live? Anyone can create a loca food node, a jointly delivery spot, anywhere. All you need is a location were producers and consumers can meet up. So, lets bring together your local community over your local food.

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Local Food Nodes is building on full transparency economy. All transactions are open to see and reported here with regular updates. Go to our economy page for more detailed information regarding our economic stand points, and on how we work inclusively and create posibilitys for co-deciding in how money will flow and be distributed trough the platform.

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The desire to make food local again