Local Food App

Local Food App serves as a consumer tool to easily find local food delivery locations, and you can easily order available products for upcoming delivery dates. The following features are in the app's first version.

  • Create Account
  • Pay membership (make donations)
  • Find your local venues
  • Buy Available Products
  • See your orders
  • Get notifications about your upcoming pick-ups and new products

Future development

We will maintain and continuously improve the app but also further develop it with new requested features. Here's a part of what we plan to do.

  • Pay orders directly in the app
  • Comment on products
  • Create products in the app
  • Follow individual producers
  • Share ads on social media
  • More relevant notifications

2015 Started as a pre-study

The project took its start in the late summer of 2015, after several years of been an idéa how to start trade with local food. The start took place within the pre-study "Småskalig konsumentstödd matproduktion (CSA)" lead by Albin Ponnert, as project leader employed by the organization “whole Sweden shall live”, on the subject of CSA and trade of local food, without intermediaries.

2016 Bygdens saluhall - Swedens frist delivery spot for local food

In the beginning of 2016, the concept development of direct trade of local produced food began, as well as the technical implementations of the digital prototype platform "Bygdens Saluhall". The following summer we set up Sweden's first delivery point for local food without intermediaries in the village Röstånga; Bygdens Saluhall Röstånga

2017 Local Food Nodes, an open source digital platform

In the fall of 2016 we started working on the next phase of the project, an open digital infrastructure. In May 2017 the site Local Food Nodes was released as an open tool for trading and organizing local food.

2018 Local Food App

In June 2018 we move into the next phase of the project by releasing the Local Food App mobile app. A tool that will further simplify the trade of locally-produced food, without intermediaries. We hope and believe the app will tear further obstacles on the way to making the food more local again.