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We are creating local food nodes in order to connect local food producers to local food consumers as well as strengthening those relationships that already exist. We want to enable direct transactions, resilient communities and regain control over what we eat and how it is produced. A desire to make food local again.

The result of this desire is an open digital tool where food producers present their food, local consumers order what they like and payments go straight from consumer to producer. Deliveries and pick up of food takes place at a predetermined place and time, this is called a node, this is the physical location where the consumers and producers meet. This type of organization enables producers to deliver to multiple consumers at the same time while consumers can pick up food from many different producers.

With Local Food Nodes we also want to create an open and collaborative crowdfunding tool to enable increased future food production, a healthier agricultural system and to relocalize economic activity.

By using the platform and supporting the project you can help co-create and co-finance a new model for local food production and distribution. Yearly membership fees, that all consumers self-determine the size of, will help make it just as useful as we, together, choose it to be.

Welcome to Local Food Nodes, a platform where we create local food systems, together.

Read more about our vision for the future of food, our economic philosophy, the background of the project and where we are heading here. (Coming Soon)

Create an account and become a supporting member

You can easily create an account for free, or simply log in using facebook.

Feel free to browse the site, visit nodes close to you and put delicious food in your online cart, but in order to place the order you need to first become a supporting member on the platform. You do this by paying a yearly usage fee. The amount of the fee you pay is entirely up to you. It is up to you to decide what you feel that you can afford and what you think this service is worth to you and our society. Whatever the amount, you are co-funding and co-creating a healthier future of food. Good on you for that!

Join nodes you are interested in and pre-order your local food

Now logged in, you can easily find the nearest nodes to where you are by clicking the Local Food Nodes icon in the top left corner. Browse the map or search and join the ones you like. Then start to make your orders (you don’t have to join a node in order to order food at it, but it will make using the site easier)

Pick up your food

The food that you have ordered will be available at a predetermined time and place that is indicated on your orders. These orders will be sent to you via email and will also be available for you to view by using the links in the user menu. You pick up your food directly from the respective producer and you also make all payments straight to the producers. This ensures that producers retain 100% of all revenues from the products that they produce.

Payment can be done in any way that works for the producer as well as for the consumer. Producers can indicate what type of payment they will accept for each product when you order. Payments can be made in advance, at the meet-up or by invoice and in any form, such as: cash, mobile payments, bank transfer or community currencies.