Albin Ponnert

Founder and project manager with civic engagement and love for grassroot participation projects. Trained documentary filmmaker and daddy of plenty. Among other things the largest analogized Instagram project in Sweden, #enjoysweden.

Ambitions in self sustainabilety with way to many animals and is growing edibles thats at running out in control. Hockey and soccer dad with some talent on his own in floor ball. On the other side of a torn of achilles tendon that is.

Constantly fiddle on new projects, both on the farm and on digital ones. Has a banana tree hole in the bedroom.

Alexander Frödeberg

Web developer with a focus on frontend development at Local Food Nodes. I've also experience with backend development.

Trying my best to make the world a better place with my interests and knowledge as my tools. Loves concept development and periodically tries to leave my comfort zone to develop myself as a person.

  • Frontend developer

David Ajnered

I'm a web developer comfortable working both backend and frontend. I get a kick out of small fast projects that go from nothing to awesome in a few weeks but prefer to work in large complex systems where writing efficient, self explaining and maintainable code is important.

I dream about living on a farm producing my own food, minimizing the need for money and spending time being in the moment doing what I love.

Victor Lindelle

I like solving problems.

Being close to computers for almost 3 decades I have developed quite good understanding of what they want from me. Starting with networks and games I moved in to usability during my study time that led me to become a more distilled developer, lately I have been more in to devops though.

On my free time i try to cultivate the soil and make all animals at our two acre farm happy, something i have less experience with on the other hand. Im trying to understand and adopt concepts like permaculture.

  • Full stack developer